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About Us

ROOFTOP® is Pioneers in Solar energy

ROOFTOP® is Pioneers in Solar Energy

We are Pioneer in solar energy segment, ROOFTOP® is our Trademark & Wordmark Brand from 2010, in Class 11 of Indian Trademark registry.

So many solar segment companies are infringing our brand name which is punishable act under section 29 of trademark act 1999.

We warn every infringers – STOP infringement of our ROOFTOP® brand on immediate basis becouse unauthorised use or an infringement is seviourly damage our revenue as well as our licencee revenue across india. we will take serious legal action against infringement activity.

We are more than just an Energy company

Quality and Craftsmanship is our core values


15 Years of Hard core business experience and 10 Years of specific Solar segment experience for PV Modules & Solar rooftop/Sky EPC Projects.


During Last 10 Years more than 2200 solar rooftop/Sky EPC Projects completed in more than 13 cities and more then 31 MegaWatts of total solar installation executed.

On Going Projects

More then 4 MW and More then 400 ongoing projects in various cities under executions.

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